Energy Meets Society

Research aiming to improve the energy and material efficiency of processes, to reduce the environmental load, to foster bioeconomy, to minimize the end-use of energy, and to develop the retail and wholesale energy market.

We have strong expertise in systems thinking and a long-term tradition in experimental research which is needed for the technical, economic and environmental assessment and follow-up of modelling and simulation. The range of core competences relevant to energy and society also include computational science, systems and models, risk analysis, innovation and technology management, business management, information technology, complex networks and energy markets.

Living environments use much energy. Recent innovations in lighting technology, especially LED’s, enable remarkable savings in the current 20 % share of electricity consumption. Hybridization or electrification of vehicles helps energy consumption to drop dramatically. Zero-Energy Buildings are a topic of high international interest. The need for energy-efficient and affordable new housing types is highly topical.

Aalto's key professors in the areas of process efficiency, energy and resource economics and energy-efficient living environments are:


Energy and material efficiency of processes

Prof. Ville Alopaeus (Chemical Engineering)

Prof. Sandip Bankar (Bioprocess Engineering)

Prof. Erkki Ikonen (Measurement Science and Technology)

Prof. Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela (Process Control and Automation)

Prof. Mika Järvinen (Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection)

Prof. Pekka Oinas (Plant Design)


Energy and resource economics

Prof. Risto Lahdelma (Energy Economics and Powerplant Engineering

Prof. Matti Liski (Energy Economics)

Prof. Ahti Salo (Systems Analysis)

Prof. Sanna Syri (Energy Economics and Powerplant Engineering


Living environment

Prof. Erkki Ikonen (Measurement Science and Technology)

Prof. Liisa Halonen (Illumination Engineering)

Prof. Pekka Heikkinen (Wood Architecture)

Prof. Mark Hughes (Wood Material Technology)

Prof. Hannu Huttunen (Housing Architecture)

Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo (User-involvement in innovation and techologies)

Prof. Risto Kosonen (Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Technology)

Prof. Kai Sirén (Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Technology)

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