Energy Meets Materials

The goal is to be able to offer the complete cycle from understanding the basic phenomena, processes and materials involved in these technologies to their use in real-world energy applications, taking full advantage of our complementary expertise in materials chemistry, electrochemistry, computational chemistry, micro-and nanomaterials, functional materials and metamaterials.

The focus includes technologies based on e.g. fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, supercapasitors, superconductors, solar cells, thermoelectric devices and LEDs, as well as nuclear power, where major material advances are still needed to be realised before the technologies can be put into large-scale everyday use.

Below can be found the professors working with energy conversion technologies and the material scientists whose contribution to energy research is significant.


Energy conversion and storage technologies

Prof. Pekka Ahtila (Energy Economics and Powerplant Engineering

Prof. Mathias Groth (Fusion Energy)

Prof. Tanja Kallio (Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage)

Prof. Martti Larmi (Internal Combustion Engines)

Prof. Peter Lund (New Energy Technologies)

Prof. Ville Vuorinen (Energy Technology)

Prof. Filip Tuomisto (Fission Energy, Positron Physics)


Materials Science and Technology

Prof. Tapio Ala-Nissilä (Multiscale Statistical Physics)

Prof. Sandip Bankar (Bioprocess Engineering)

Prof. Sami Franssila (Material Science)

Prof. Simo-Pekka Hannula (Material Science)

Prof. Maarit Karppinen (Novel Materials for Energy Conversion)

Prof. Antti Karttunen (Inorganic Chemistry)

Prof. Esko Kauppinen (Nanomaterials)

Prof. Jari Koskinen (Material Science)

Prof. Kari Laasonen (Physical Chemistry)

Prof. Harri Lipsanen (Nanotechnology)

Prof. Xiaoshu Lü-Tervola (Building Physics)

Prof. Lasse Murtomäki (Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry)

Prof. Hele Savin (Electron Physics)

Prof. Ari Sihvola (Electromagnetics)

Prof. Ilkka Tittonen (Physics of Micro and Quantum Systems)

Prof. Jukka Tulkki (Engineered Nanosystems)


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