Energy Meets Information

Expertise on sustainable electric energy systems at large, including energy efficiency, smart energy use control and intelligent operation of transmission and distribution grids. Expertise in intelligent design and operation of different components of the power system, like transformers, cables, motors and frequency converters. Developing and understanding deeply the operation of components are important from the system point of view too.

One of the key competences is efficient energy use and power conversion, including transformers, electric machines, power electronics and electric drives. Integration of renewable production such as wind and solar is implemented by electrical power conversion. Other fields of energy efficiency include energy efficient ICT, energy use of datacenters, ICT infrastructure, powering sensors, and retail and wholesale electricity markets (e.g. agent-based allocation mechanisms for Smart Grids).

We have over 10 key professors working in the areas of Sustainable electric enegy systems, Energy-efficient electric power conversion and ICT:


Sustainable electric energy systems

Prof. Ville Kyrki (Intelligent Robotics)

Prof. Matti Lehtonen (Power Systems)

Prof. Peter Lund (New Energy Technologies)

Prof. Arto Visala (Automation Technology)

Prof. Valeriy Vyatkin (Electrical Engineering)


Efficient energy use and electric power conversion

Prof. Antero Arkkio (Electromechanics)

Prof. Anouar Belahcen (Computational Electromechanics)

Prof. Marko Hinkkanen (Electric drives)

Prof. Jorma Kyyrä (Industrial and Power Electronics)

Prof. Seppo Ovaska (Industrial and Power Electronics)


Energy-efficient ICT

Prof. Riku Jäntti (Energy Efficient ICT)

Prof. Jukka Manner  (Networks, software, transport protocols, mobility, security, energy, Future Internet)

Prof. Jukka Nurminen (Energy Efficient Communication and Computing)

Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski (Data Communications Software)

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