From energy engineers to energy entrepreneurs

20. syyskuu 2018

Great ideas need to be developed into business models to achieve sustainable energy transition.

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Bio-based carbon improve biogas yield

18. syyskuu 2018

Researchers from Aalto University and Xi'an University show that adding bio-based porous carbon could increase biogas production by 30-70%

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Wide bandgap oxides with ionic conductor operate as single-layer fuel cell

11. syyskuu 2018

Researchers at Aalto University explain underlying mechanisms of a single-layer fuel cell based on a wide bandgap oxide and ionic conductor mixture.

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World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies Innovation Award to Sino-Finnish research on fuel cells

30. elokuu 2018

Professors Bin Zhu from China University of Geosciences and Peter Lund from Aalto University were awarded World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies Innovation Award for their work on advanced fuel cells.


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Qubits as valves: controlling quantum heat engines

9. heinäkuu 2018

Researchers from Aalto University are designing nano-sized quantum heat engines to explore whether they may be able to outperform classical heat engines in terms of power and efficiency.

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Jari Järvi finished his MSc and submitted a paper with hybrid perovskite research

22. kesäkuu 2018

CEST member Jari Järvi finished his MSc thesis with multi-scale modeling of charge transport in hybrid perovskites and submitted a paper to the New Journal of Physics.

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Conferment ceremony welcomed new doctors to the academic community

19. kesäkuu 2018

President Ilkka Niemelä hopes the new doctoral graduates maintain a connection with their alma mater in the future.


Growing use of renewable energy presents challenge for energy storage and markets

22. toukokuu 2018

Renewable energy requires more efficient and flexible energy system.

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Optimized storage for solar energy

16. toukokuu 2018

Recent research at Aalto University shows that a solar photovoltaic system could benefit even from a small energy storage. Adding storage less than 1/4 of an EV-battery could increase the PV share of a household's electricity to 70% on a yearly basis.

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Otaniemi indoor climate study leads to European student award

8. toukokuu 2018

European HVAC association honours Aalto University alumni and academics in its annual meeting.


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What if retirement homes were replaced with grandma’s cottages? And what if touchscreens could be bent into any shape?

25. huhtikuu 2018

New article and video series looks into the future – and shows how people at Aalto are building it.

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Einstein’s “spooky action” goes massive!

20. huhtikuu 2018

The elusive quantum mechanical phenomenon called entanglement has now been made a reality in objects almost macroscopic in size. Results published in Nature show how two vibrating drumheads, the width of a human hair, can display the spooky action.

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A new Bose–Einstein condensate created at Aalto University

16. huhtikuu 2018

Researchers at Aalto University, Finland are the first to create a Bose–Einstein condensate of light coupled with metal electrons, so-called surface plasmon polaritons.

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Searching for alternative and sustainable solutions for renewable energy storage

9. huhtikuu 2018

Mitigation of climate change requires increasing the use of renewable energy and the development of storage.

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Life-span of new solar cell technologies to increase even tenfold with methods developed in doctoral study

9. huhtikuu 2018

New types of solar cells lose their effectiveness as they age because electrolyte in them loses colour, which indicates a decrease in charge carriers.

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ERC Advanced Grants for Peter Liljeroth and Orlando Rojas

6. huhtikuu 2018

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded their €2.5-million-each Advanced Grants to Aalto University professors Peter Liljeroth and Orlando Rojas.

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Aalto University seeking to make Finland a model country for energy storage solutions

13. maaliskuu 2018

Through partnerships and cooperative projects, solutions are being sought to the challenges of energy storage.

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Serious shortcomings in aging tests of new solar cell materials

6. helmikuu 2018

Researchers at Aalto University have found that only a fraction of stability tests done on new types of solar cells meet proper requirements. Tests lack common standards and should have been done in real-world conditions and in groups of several cells.

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Seed funding led to a multimillion strategic collaboration between designers and chemists

26. tammikuu 2018

ChemArts is already looking into business opportunities and preparing for world domination.

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Energy-efficient LED light powered by the African sun

24. tammikuu 2018

Combining solar power with energy-efficient lighting can achieve great things in Africa. Improved education is of key importance in achieving change.


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Smart Energy Transition research project's exceptional solutions and communication propel it onto a further funding term

17. tammikuu 2018

STN’s new funding instrument offers funding to quality research with a societal impact.

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Rerouting transport research: from driverless cars to fresh thinking

11. joulukuu 2017

Focusing research on technological development will further lock us into a motorized, private-vehicle transport system. 

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International community proposes better practices of research for advanced fuel cells

13. marraskuu 2017

Single-component fuel cell is a promising clean energy technology, but needs more standard practices and procedures in research and development to reach commercialization. Here 15 scientists from different disciplines present ways to accelerate the progress of this new fuel cell technology

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The next generation of power electronics? Gallium nitride doped with beryllium

9. marraskuu 2017

Physicists at Aalto University have made a breakthrough in revising methods largely discarded 15 years ago.

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Henri Coriou Award 2017 to Professor Hannu Hänninen

24. lokakuu 2017

The award is a recognition for Hänninen’s outstanding contribution to corrosion science and engineering in the nuclear field.


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